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Predictive text and Mobile data usageSupport

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  1. Zylantex

    Zylantex New Member

    I've just purchased an Acer E1 Liquid V360 and I'm just about getting to grips with it.

    It's pretty much as it came out of the box. No modifications, I just added a few apps from Google Play - Barcode Scanner, Aldiko, Android Assistant, Flashlight, FootyFocus, Google Earth, LiveLeak, MX Player, Qr Droid, Shazam, Solitaire Classic and Speed Test. I had a couple of games installed but they broke my heart with ads and updates.

    There's a couple of things I would appreciate help with if anybody has a moment.

    1) How do I turn off the predictive text?

    2) How do I permanently limit my web access to Wi-Fi only? Background updates etc just ran down every cent of credit I had.


  2. Zylantex

    Zylantex New Member

    My son managed to turn off the predictive text for me. Hurrah for youth and dogged persistence.

    He also set the daily data usage limit to zero but that is not entirely satisfactory. I'd rather not be seeing the "data usage exceeded" message every time a sneaky app tries to go behind my back and download stuff.
  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, Zylantex!
    When you look at the data usage, are you able to limit certain apps to how much data they can use individually?
    Also, you should be able to go into the Play Store settings and check off a box allowing apps to ONLY update when on wifi.
    Finally, there are quite a few apps out there that can toggle data. It will turn it off but still allow phone calls to come through. I'm fortunate to have unlimited data, but I feel your pain. Best of luck!
  4. Zylantex

    Zylantex New Member

    Thanks for the reply, I'll check out the Play store settings and have a look for an app to toggle the data.

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