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  1. jstabe

    jstabe Member

    My tablet recently did an automatic software update and now predictive text isn't working. The suggested words still show up in blue, but they no longer input automatically. For example, if I type "bluek", it shows blue in white text and leaves the misspelling in blue and inputs that. I have to tap the right word instead of the keyboard making the correction. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    You can correct this by changing the settings in the Samsung Keyboard. Tap your clock then tap Settings, then scroll to and tap under Personal, Language and input. Tap the cog next to Samsung keyboard.
    Tap Predictive text...
    to change the settings to what you prefer.
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  3. jstabe

    jstabe Member

    I didn't know there were settings under the predictive text, so thank you for that.

    I've played around with all of that and it's still not working the way it used to. Very frustrating. I'm about to turn the predictive text off since it's not any help at all.

    Thanks for trying!
  4. minxtress

    minxtress Member

    My predictive text also stopped working as above. Madness!
    For some reason qhen I click on "predictive text" settings I do not get the options in the above image, just "add accounts" such as facebook!
    I have clicked & searched & still nothing.

    (I would have added a screen-cap but couldn't work out how as the add image button here is for links note saved images)

    Any advice gratefuly appreciated
  5. amrutpatel

    amrutpatel New Member

    in my samsung galaxy tab having no option under predctive tex like auto word complition,Auto Correct Spelling.

    So pls help for the same.

  6. amrutpatel

    amrutpatel New Member

    it is showing Learn from Facebook,Learn from Gmail instead of Spell check and Auto Spell Complition.

  7. amrutpatel

    amrutpatel New Member

    in my samsung galaxy tab 2 having no option under predctive text like Auto spell,Auto Append,

    it is showing Learn From Facebook,Learn From Gmail

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