Predictive text/SMS messaging while using physical Keyboard - How To?General

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  1. Digirain

    Digirain Member

    Predictive text/SMS messaging while using physical Keyboard - How To?

    I'm new to my Xperia X10 Mini Pro and Android. I can get predictive texting when my keyboard is shut. However when I open out the physical keyboard, I can't seem to activate the predictive texting.

    Please would one of you show me how to.

    Many thanks

  2. barnacleboy

    barnacleboy New Member

    Predictive texting is only of use when using a number pad. If I press 2, 2, 7 it will probably guess, (predict?), that I'm trying to say 'car'.

    With a full keyboard you won't hit 2, 2, 7, you'll hit c,a,r. Or b,a,r, if that's the word you want.

    Why would you want predictive text when you have a perfectly accurate keyboard???
  3. Digirain

    Digirain Member


    When I mean predictive, I mean whole words get suggested as I begin to type out a word. This facility exists a lot on LG handsets. Given the small keyboard on the X10MP any help in suggesting words before I completely type them out is appreciated.

    Eg. I start typing out "particular", when I type "part" it already could display "party, particle or particular" as selectable choices.

    Is there an app for this?

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