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Predictive text stopped working!!Support

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  1. Hammers

    Hammers Member

    Anyone else had this problem? not changed the settings at all, checked that they were all ok and the same as before. Turned off phone, restarted and still doesnt work! very frustrating now as ive tried everything!

    Any ideas anyone? HELP MUCH APPRECIATED :)

  2. meegaha

    meegaha Member

    This isn't the answer you're probably looking for but check out 'AnySoftKeyboard' from the apps market. It's a keyboard pretty similar to the default Android one but feels/works a lot better I think.

    It has all the usual bells and whistles like predictive text, easy access to smilies :) and a dictionary that you can add words to on the go (by holding down the word you want from the list that appears).

    Getting back to your original question: Have you had a look in the keyboard settings to see if predictive text is switched on?

    Settings->Locale & Text->TouchPal
  3. Hammers

    Hammers Member

    Thanks for the reply! the qwerty keyboard predictive text works fine. it's just the normal phone predictive text. numbers around the outside work, but when i press a letter, the message just closes up, shuts down and will not let me type anything in.

    Been to T mobile store and they say wait for an update because its new, but thats just a rubbish answer to fob me off, as it was working perfectly fine before!!
  4. j0nte

    j0nte New Member

  5. Hammers

    Hammers Member

    That looks like the problem i was having. Thanks for the reply.

    I ended up demanding that they swap my handset for a new one in the shop, as i'd only had it a few weeks. So they did!

    However, reading this article, i can imagine that it will probably happen again, so at least i know what to do next time!

    cheers! :D

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