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  1. Rev. Po-Jay

    Rev. Po-Jay Well-Known Member

    With the Razr/Razr Maxx, is there anyway to set a network priority so that your phone automatically choose one network over others? I have 2 other networks in my area at home and sometimes my phone will connect to one of them, over my home network. I would like to tell it to connect exclusively, but just can't figure it out...
    I did search, but came up "snake eyes".

    Thank you.

  2. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Are you trying to connect to verizon only or something else?
  3. Rev. Po-Jay

    Rev. Po-Jay Well-Known Member

    No. WiFi via my router. I merely want my router to be the one selected, when in range, automatically.
  4. Baddawg

    Baddawg Active Member

    I have a Smart Action called 'home'. When it detects my home Wifi, it shuts off cellular data, gps, and bluetooth (don't need 'em while I'm at home). And when I'm out of range, the 'home' smart action shuts off and it goes into default.

    Granted, you have to have Wifi always enabled...
  5. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Go into wifi settings and click forget on the other surrounding networks. It will only automatically connect if you have before
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