[Prelude] Prelude Root Guide-No Computer needed

  1. Gingrbred

    Gingrbred Active Member

    This is a (hopefully) simple guide to root and install the CWM recovery on the ZTE Prelude(Z993) without a computer

    Part One:
    Credits for the framaroot apk go to alephzain over at xda

  2. Gingrbred

    Gingrbred Active Member

    Part Two:
    • Download BusyBox from the Play Store
    • Install BusyBox
    • Reboot
    • Download the CWM recovery from here→http://d-h.st/CsO
    • Download Rashr from the play store
    • Allow Rashr root access
    • Select "Recovery from Storage"
    • Navigate to the download location of the CWM recovery
    • Wait for Rashr to finish flashing and click reboot to recovery when prompted
    Credits to @kaw202 for the recovery image

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