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  1. linuxrules

    linuxrules Member

    Has anyone gotten the daypass working on an android phone yet? I have been getting "upgrade required" for tzones in general on my cyanogenmod mytouch original, but reports are saying that iphones are getting on fine. Any ideas?


  2. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    Custom ROM's have issues because the UA String is incorrect (as in, does not match what is in their device repository) so is not "Officially" supported.

    Call customer care. They are the only ones that can really help.
  3. NunyaBidnez

    NunyaBidnez Well-Known Member

    I've been using the prepaid daypass on my Nexus One for over a week now. So far it's been working great. The only problem I've had is that the prepaid web service has content filters to prevent people from viewing mature websites.
  4. linuxrules

    linuxrules Member

    NunyaBidnez: have you had to use the workaround or has tzones worked normally? What apn are you using?

  5. NunyaBidnez

    NunyaBidnez Well-Known Member

    The default on the N1 is and so far I haven't had to make any changes to my APN settings. When I try to access the internet, the browser automatically directs to the web2go page where I can get a daypass subscription. All I have to do is accept the TOS, then I'm good to go.

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