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Preparing SD Card.

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  1. justinbrett1975

    justinbrett1975 Active Member

    So I updated by phone to android 2.2, and am having problems putting apps to the SD card. I have used ROM Manager to set a partition, and used App 2 SD to copy the Apps over, but it always fails.

    So I put a diffrent ROM on, and it does the same thing.

    So I decided it was time to get a bigger SD card anyway, so while I wait for it to arrive, I thought I would ask, is there anything I should do to either my phone, or the SD card before I put it in my phone or anything I should do to prepare it so I can get apps on my SD Card.

    In my root settings (I think its root then you turn phone on and press the down button), in the partition section there what should the settings be?

    Also as I'm getting a 16gig card, having read bits on here by helpful posters who say I need to partition it to be 256 with a 0 swap file, as I will have more space, can I/should i increase this, and should I put a value for the swap file (what does this do?).

  2. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    The optimium setting is 512mb ext 0mb swap, but you don't need to partition your card if you don't want to.
    Just install Mod Install Location from the market, its free & you just set it to install to ext.
    I use it myself & i still got 91mb left on internal with 24 apps already installed
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  3. justinbrett1975

    justinbrett1975 Active Member

    What does the swap file thing do then?
  4. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    It is like a cache where a pc would store programs for quick retrieval until they are finished with, before placing them in permanent storage location.
    Its not needed on the phone & therefore is set at 0mb
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  5. justinbrett1975

    justinbrett1975 Active Member

    Thanks Great. Thank You

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