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    Hello All,

    I just bought a Galaxy S 2 about a week ago and was interested in what it takes for rooting. I asked a friend of mine who also owns a Galaxy S 2 and did some additional research. I didn't see any other threads like this so if this has been asked/spoken of already I apologize. So here is what I got so far.

    The first thing I plan on doing is backing up my EFS Folder. My friend said if anything goes wrong as long as that folder is in its original condition I will be able to salvage the phone. Can someone elaborate on this? I wasn't really able to find out how I would salvage the phone upon saving this folder. Also is there any other kind of backing up I should be doing? Anything with the Kies software?(if anyone even really uses it lol)

    Second I plan on using the software Super OneClick. If there is a piece of rooting software that is more specialized for the Galaxy S2 please let me know, otherwise I guess I will go ahead with this program.

    Now what happens if my phone bricks? What are the chances of it happening, and if it does happen what do I have to do to restore the phone to its original condition? I am aware that rooting the phone voids its warranty so I want to cover as many bases as possible before I go ahead and root the phone.

    I guess the last thing is after rooting the phone what apps should I get. I know there is a backup app that is "mandatory" and the name escapes me at the moment. I know also alot can be done with a rooted phone like clocking the CPU which really interests the hell out of me lol. What other apps should I get for my rooted phone?

    Thanks for the help in advance guys.

  2. VmPas

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    SO I just noticed the rooting sub forum. So I guess disregard. Sorry guys :)

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