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Prepping Xoom for sale

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  1. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    My plan is to sell my Xoom with accessories and purchase the upcoming Toshiba Thrive. Do I need to completely rest the device before sale, and if so, how do you do that?

    Is it an alternative to leave the apps on there but delete all my accounts and connections? Is that safe in terms of security for me? Where are all the places I would need to clear my settings?

    What would you do if you were selling your Xoom?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    factory reset the device. you do NOT want to leave any of your info or apps on there.

    just initiate a clear storage/factory reset in the security section and thats it.
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  3. SPNKr

    SPNKr Member

    Is everyone sure this is enough? I've noticed with some devices, e.g. Motorola Droid / Nokia N900 /etc that even after a factory reset, I could recover most of my info if I really tried.
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    this is all you can do on your own.
  5. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    How do I save my game and app data if I am selling the xoom but buying another tab? Is that backed up in the google cloud and restored when I sign into my google account on the new tab?
  6. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    individual data specific to apps may not be backed up. that data is stored locally.

    your apps will be backed up. there are several apps in the store that will backup personal data.
  7. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to sell my Xoom so I can buy the Toshiba. I have not had any serious bites on the ad yet and I am wondering if my price is too high. I thought I would ask folks here for their honest opinion:
    Motorola Xoom 32gig - WiFi w/Leather Case

    With the Xoom, case, cables and potential SD card, I thought this would be a good deal.

    Less than this and it feels like I would be giving it away. As I love my Xoom and am only thinking of going with the toshiba for the ports I guess I would just keep this before dropping. But what do you guys think?

    This is not intended to be a for sale ad. I assume everyone here has a Xoom. I'm just looking for an honest opinion.
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    since your device is used, a reconditioned one with a factory fresh warranty can be had from motorola direct for 500.00. accessories are not really important.

    further, with so many tablets out and the google chromebook here, you are fighting with that market.

    plus its craigslist. you ad gets pushed down and people dont really see it. i would also look and see in your area if others are selling a xoom and their price.

    the more eyes that see it, the better. so id post it on other forums, and fleabay also.
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  9. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    You are probably a little high. Used xooms are selling for an average of $480 on eBay. You can list there with a reserve and hope for a last minute bidding frenzy pushes that price up. Good luck
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  10. ghoticov

    ghoticov Well-Known Member

    this is not a FOR SALE ad. PM the seller or message off line.
  11. skiahh

    skiahh Well-Known Member

    You're now WAY high for a used - no warranty - device. New ones are now $499 pretty much everywhere and a case (leather rooCase) can be had from Amazon for $38 and change.

    Your ad goes to great pains to tell us what you paid, but in reality, on a used item, that is completely irrelevant. What you paid has absolutely no bearing on what it's now worth in the open market. And with that device going for $499 new, with the warranty, $500 for a used one is a non-starter. Even if you paid $1000 for the thing!
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  12. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Your answer is like others in many ways and yet brutally honest enough to drive the point home enough for reality to sink in.

    Oh well. No big deal really. As I said, I actually love the Xoom so keeping it is not a dissappointment.
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