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Prepurchase Viewsonic G Tab questions for those who have had it for a while

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  1. bullfrg

    bullfrg Member

    I have been debating on purchasing an Viewsonic G Tab (or Arhcos 101) and have some questions now that it has been out for a while.

    How durable is it? If you have had one for a while you have carried it around from place to place, is it still holding well together? Is there a case to help protect it?

    How are the software upgrades since it came out? I am not sure I want to void the warranty if there becomes a hardware problem. I know there are many workarounds and it seems to be a powerhouse compared to Archos 101 but I think I would like to keep factory settings until I know everything is working well.

    How is the USB port? Can you stick a 500 gig hard drive to it?

    How is the camera for videochat?

    Any other info would be good as well but I have read many reviews and videos so I have a basic idea.

    I want something that I can use office products, watch movies, good WiFi, internet, Bible software (I am a chaplain) and some games. I have a computer for really awesome games (or will have with Star Wars Old Republic comes out and I purchase a new computer) so I am not looking for some uber game system but rather something useful for work type scenarios (like in a hospital but we know games are good for meetings).


  2. bullfrg

    bullfrg Member

    Also if you did put the Vegan ROM on it (not that I know what that means) is it still an android 2.2 operating system?
  3. newmex999

    newmex999 New Member

    Haven't had this for more then a few days, however I can tell you that unless your have the tablet positioned directly in front of you the viewing is terrible. I have read many other good things about this tablet and will not let that bother me. From the reading I have been doing at the XDA forums, most people recommend upgrading the operating system to greatly improve performance. Although I do have to say that I have been in the computer business since 1978 and find the instructions to perform this upgrade confusing/scary at best.

    I am currently trying to search out clear concise instructions before I attempt this upgrade. Although I think that Viewsonic will eventually come out with an upgrade to take care of these problems. Netflix does not work on this also.
  4. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Hi Bullfrg and NewMex

    -I've had my Gtablet since November. I've taken it everywhere and my kids (2yr, 7yr and 9 yrs old) have handled my gtablet....and it's still ticking. :D I do not have a case for it but there are a few options for cases. Oops I take that back, I have a netbook sleeve but I hardly use it.

    -Official Viewsonic Software updates since November have been beneficial but it has slowed down in recent weeks. The Stock UI has come a long way since November however I have had a custom ROM installed on my gtab since day one so I can only speak to what others have said about the stock UI.

    -The gtablet has USB host. I've only used my 32 gb thumbdrive and it works fine. I've heard people have had success with larger hard drives as well not just thumbdrives.

    - Camera isn't that great but it's not bad. I've used vid chat with Yahoo messenger. It only works on Portrait mode on Landscape the picture is upside down.

    Overall- The gtablet is a very capable tablet and since you can get it for under $300, I believe it's a very good option.

    Vegan is still a 2.2 operating system however there is also a Vegan Gingerbread edition.

    Not sure if you seen this thread that we have here but here's the link. I think it's fairly simple and there's a few people who will help you out if you decide to install a custom ROM. I really think installing custom ROMs is very important if you want to increase your user experience. Of course this is entirely my opinion.

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