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  1. ThaHustla

    ThaHustla New Member

    Hey whats good, new comer to the forum,ok, my brother previously owned a
    " Verizon Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S" that was on the "Page plus" network, he also had it rooted, im guessing since he had a Windows 7 theme applied to it. Ok,He recently got a new phone and decided to give his galaxy s to my mom. The phone was not in service but you could still browse the net (Wi-Fi), listen to music ,ect (Basically play around with it). So today i did a factory reset by going to Settings>Privacy> Factory reset. Now the phone is back to normal, like new, but when turned on and booted a screen pops up that says " Press Send to Activae your phone"(Verizon Wireless)..? Is there a way i could get pass this? Thanks!

  2. CAPTALT15

    CAPTALT15 Member

    Activate it then reactivate your current phone should work.
  3. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

  4. Luvadeal

    Luvadeal New Member

    Thanks so much. :)

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