Prestigio Multipad

  1. Ann Wills

    Ann Wills New Member

    Im am a computer thicko so any advice will gratefully be accepted. I have a prestigio multipad pmp50808 which I find easy to use and small enough to carry around with me. Today I tried to take the the memory card out (which is very tiny.) Well it was impossible to remove when I tried to get it out it went further in and it is now stuck. Any one any ideas for me. I dont want to mess around with it as it may invalidate my warranty. Looking forward to your comments.Ann

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    You could try prying it with a sewing needle, be careful though. Is this an SD-card?

    Sounds like it's got jammed though, because normally when press it in, it clicks and releases. It could actually be faulty, that's why it's jammed, that should be under warranty.

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