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  1. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    To those of you who went from a prevail when it was $50 originally a month and got enrolled into shrinkage, and updated to the transform ultra lately, did you go through that $5 update BS? Apparently you stay grandfathered in if you go from prevail to prevail....but if you upgrade you bounce back up $5. So sad since I was two payments away from being $40. Or did I just get jacked by a well english speaking BM rep?

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    That's what they're trying to say. You can call back a few times in talk to different reps, maybe you can get it to stay the same as were you were that's what I did
  3. AS23

    AS23 Member

    I actually had the BM rep try to push the activation on my Ultra through at the old plan and rate but the phone wouldn't activate, apparently the new DEC# wouldn't take according to the rep, the only way the new DEC# would be accepted was if I was bumped to the new plan which is $5 more a month. So you didn't get jacked, think the only way to stay on the cheaper plan is to stick with the Prevail or a non-android phone (and Prevail only if you had one prior to the rate increase being implemented for Android phones).
  4. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    I'll give it a try tomorrow when im not in such a happy mood about how sexy the transform is. That way I can sound pissed.
    I can't go back to the prevail, it sucked so bad. Transformed took me away from sticks and stones...and to think it's only a lower end android.
  5. KydDynoMyte

    KydDynoMyte Active Member

    I guess the following was not accurate:

    Current Boost customers, don't fret.

    "For our current Monthly Unlimited customers, we hear you! Existing $50 Monthly Unlimited customers with Android devices as of Oct. 6 can keep their current price plan as long as they don’t let their account expire," the carrier said in the Sept. 15 statement introducing the Transform Ultra.

    Upgrade a device to a CDMA Android-powered device on or after Oct. 6, however, and the $5 monthly charge is all yours. Regarding the shrinkage issue, however, Boost has you covered — accrued Shrinkage savings won't be lost with the upgrade.
  6. Caramel Apple

    Caramel Apple New Member

    I just upgraded today and kept my current plan. The system did make an error though and changed my fee to the $55 a month plan but I called my rep back and he fixed it and told me my plan won't change.
  7. j61101

    j61101 Well-Known Member

    How? I was instructed that it didnt matter that i had been with boost for forever and that i had a prevail before the deadline. "the system" would automatically change it and there was nothing that they could do.
  8. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    keep calling... youll get a difrent rep every time... some one will hook you up... might take like 10 calls!
  9. Caramel Apple

    Caramel Apple New Member

    That's lie they can. You guys just have to be very vocal. Today I went back to check my account and see that the system messed up my plan again so I called back. The lady rep I had tried to give me that our plans have changed excuse but I didn't buy it and told her I had documents stating that my plan doesn't change and the word of another rep and they went and reversed it back to my $50 dollar plan which is now $45. They will try to throw all the excuses in the book at you but be persistent and somebody will bend.
  10. Puppet MasteR

    Puppet MasteR Member

    ^This is how I had to do it. I just kept being persistent with them. It probably helped that I have been a long time loyal customer though.

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