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  1. gpshslax

    gpshslax Well-Known Member

    I'm new to android (and sense) so be patient with me here.

    This will probably sound strand to everyone on here since this is apparently the opposite of the functionallity everyone else seems to want but ... I desperately DO NOT want my phone to sync contacts with gmail. Yes I want to read my gmail, but I don't use the gmail calander, and my gmail contacts is full of crap from ever random moron and vender I have contacted for the last 5 years and I don't want that on my phone.

    In fact I would prefer to just have gmail behave a traditional imap e-mail account rather than the integrated thing it is, but I've discover once it's set up you can't remove the primary gmail account.

    I have a bunch of outlook contacts I do want to import (any help with this would be appreciated as well) but I wanted to remove all the gmail contacts first, and prevent the phone from communicating further contacts with gmail. To be clear I don't want to actually delete my online gmail contacts, I just want the phone to ignore them entirely.

    I have already tried a couple things:
    I have already gone to settings/accounts&sync/google and unchecked the "Sync Calendar" and "Sync contacts" box. I then went to settings/applications/manage applications/contacts storage and hit the clear data button. As soon as I do this the little circular sync arrows icon appear at the top of the screen and the contacts get redownload, despite the "sync contacts" option being unchecked. In fact, if I'm quick enough, I can back out and into the google sync settings and watch the little sync icon spinning next too the "Sync contacts" option (again despite the fact the box is unchecked) and the sync time updates to the current time as it downloads the damn contacts again. What gives?

    I could really use some help with this one.

  2. 1. First thing is to take off the gmail account off your phone completly.
    2. erase all contacts
    3. go to my accounts and set up the gmail again, this time don't sync contacts.
    To import outlook contact to phone
    1. go to outlook and under contacts or options there should be a way to export contacts.
    2. you will create a .csv file that will have all your contacts.
    3. plugin your phone to your computer and transfer the file to your sd card.
    4. unplug your phone go to contacts on your phone and hit the menu button.
    5. select more options and then select import contacts.
    6. pick the .csv file that has your contacts and you should be done.

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  3. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    I've found and heard from alot of desire/android users that once the primary account is on...the ONLY way to erase it is full reset of the phone as it wont let you remove it otherwise.
  4. gpshslax

    gpshslax Well-Known Member

    Yes, this is indicated by my manual. You can not remove the primary/first google account ... period. You have to reset all software and reprogram phone from scratch.

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