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Prevent scratches on camera lense coverTips

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  1. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Well-Known Member

    I protect my camera clear lense cover with a circle of screen protector. It's a little fiddley but worth it & doesn't seem to detract from the image quality though no doubt someone will claim it does. It is certainly going to be no worse than taking photos through a scratched cover.

    I had a screen protector (3 ply type) left over from my desire so I attached an 10mm circular sticky label to the front protective layer & carefully cut around it. Then attached a similar label to the rear layer slightly misaligned so I could use it to peel off the rear layer. Applied the screen protector to the camera window then peeled the front layer off using another misaligned label.

  2. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    Hmmm... That's a novel idea. I probably wouldn't want to put a layer of screen protector over my camera lens, though. I can't substantiate whether or not it would adversely affect picture quality, though I'd imagine it would. I actually just picked up a case for my One X+, for the express purpose of protecting the camera lens. The camera lens on the One X+ is recessed somewhat, so when you place the phone down on a flat surface (with the lens facing down), it's not necessarily touching, but the recess is so slight, I wanted to put a bit more distance between it & whatever surface it's resting on, so I got this case:

    Amazon.com: Incipio HT-283 SILICRYLIC DualPro Case for HTC One X - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black/Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

    I don't LOVE the idea of using a case on this phone, but in practice, this one really isn't so bad, as it doesn't add too much bulk, and is very tactile. And it gives a bit of lift to the camera lens, so that it's less likely that it'll get scratched while resting on uneven surfaces. I'll probably only use it occasionally, but I imagine it's a good thing to have.
  3. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Well-Known Member

    That looks like a really good case & the recess will prevent scratches caused by putting it down on a flat surface. However I keep my phone in my pocket most of the time & any keys or coins could still scratch the lense cover.

    I used a leather slip case with my desire but it still got scratched. In the end I took the back off & removed the clear cover. I'm not about to try that with my HOX+.
  4. Lolhare

    Lolhare Member

    I simply cut a small square of electrical tape and put it over the lens,it might sound a little crude but the phone is black anyway and you really don't notice it,and itquickly peels off and on when I need it,I'm fine with it after my One X's camera got scratched after 2 weeks

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