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  1. Codger

    Codger Member

    This may be a more general Android question but since mine is i5801 I'll try here first.

    I know how to set the general screen blank (currently 2 min) but that seems to be over-ridden when making a call.

    The problem is that when you reach one of those wretched automated switchboards which begin "Please select from the following list of options...", even if you know which option you want without having to listen to them all, the screen has blanked and, by the time you've got the screen and keyboard back, the opportunity has gone! This can be even more infuriating/impossible if you have to type in a card number for example (or a top-up code on payg).

    [This exercise is even harder on its predecessor, a (non-Android) Alcatel 708]

  2. Codger

    Codger Member

    OK! Should I assume that no-one else has this problem or that no-one has the answer?

    If the phone had a speakerphone capabilty then I could have it away from my ear to enable me to respond. Perhaps the only solution it to use earphones or a hands-free bluetooth device in these situations?
  3. The phone has a speakerphone which works fine in those situations. -___-
  4. Codger

    Codger Member

    Thanks Ms Hird - but how do I invoke it? I've looked everywhere - even the manual where it says "To activate the speakerphone feature, select Speaker" but not how! I'm obviously being thick or unobservant...

    Ah,Ha! Found it..... the option doesn't appear until one has dialed!
  5. marcelf

    marcelf Well-Known Member

    speaker option is the bottom left key on the touchpad, aslo if you press the middle button at the bottom, it will turn on the keypad. I believe there is a sensor that is suposed to turn the screen on when it is removed from your face. And yes, it still bugs me when i use it!


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