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  1. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    To prevent any Android device from forcing you to crop your wallpaper, download the application Wallpaper Set and Save from the marketplace. This works real nice.

    I found this in the HTC Facebook post.

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  2. Mr. Spontaneous

    Mr. Spontaneous Well-Known Member

  3. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    lol!! How do I fix the title.
  4. rdalecki

    rdalecki Well-Known Member

    Ha Ha. I just sat down on my front porch on a beautiful afternoon with that cigar, a beer and my Incredible. Your post made me LLOL. What fun! Been waiting for this day for months.
  5. douger

    douger Well-Known Member

    Get on your knees and beg a moderator. Tell him about that twitching in your eyebrow... ;)
  6. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    Edit the first post, there should be a title that you can edit.
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  7. kibble

    kibble Well-Known Member

    "Preventing Forced Crapping When Selecting Wallpapers"

    Great, now I don't wanna go and change my wallpaper... I already did it once and got lucky that nothing happened.

    I think you can change your own thread title by double clicking somewhere in the title field. It works in other forums, I think it *should* work here.

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