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previewing photos on computerGeneral

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  1. trudiejason

    trudiejason New Member

    when i have my ph plugged into the computer to transfer my photos to the computer, my photos will not show up in a thumbnail to show the photo. instead it shows an icon that you have to click on to open before being able to view it. Is there a setting on the phone that will change this so i can view what i wish to transfer easily? my husband had the same phone as me and his phone was showing his photos on the computer before transferring. but he doesn't no why mine won't. (hope this makes sense) at the moment i have to date all my photos on my phone so i know what each photo is for when i plug it into the computer, but it is still annoying.

  2. WartHog354

    WartHog354 Member

    Greetings. :) 1st post for me. I hate to dredge up an old thread, but I was just starting a new thread asking the same question and the similar thread window popped up with this one. I have a Samsung GS3 and the same thing happens. Any way to actually see the pic in the thumbnail on the computer? I have tried everything.

  3. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    if your USB throughput isnt fast enough windows wont pull up thumbnails. I really doubt the phone has any control of it.

    Once you are able to view SD contents of the phone over the usb cable, your phone is no longer in control of anything, its just the slot through which windows can talk to the sd card.

    when you are looking at the sd card via windows, try right clicking in an empty space inside the folder and change the "view" mode to thumbnails, or preview. instead of "icons"
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  4. WartHog354

    WartHog354 Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. On the phone I can see the pics as thumbnails so, no problems there.

    I did what you suggested and th-e view mode does not offer preview or thumbnails. I can see all the pics as thumbnails that are already uploaded to my computer from the phone. Just not the pics that are on the phone when it is reading from the phone itself on the computer. Hope that makes sense. I'm guessing there won't be a way for me to be able to figure this out.

    I really do appreciate your response.

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