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Primary Shortcuts DisappearedSupport

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  1. joeyd13903

    joeyd13903 New Member

    I have been using my Epic for a little over a month and have been thrilled with it. However....this morning when I turned it on as I left the house for work I noticed that three of the primary shortcuts were gone. Phone, contacts and messaging were no longer present. The only remaining primary shortcut was the applications shortcut.

    Does anyone know how to reassign the primary shortcuts? I read the manual front to back and couldn't find the answer and Sprint customer service is more like a slow jog.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Babystewie

    Babystewie New Member

    Click the "applications" icon. Then hit "menu" then "edit" select the icons and drag down to the bottom.
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  3. androidwan

    androidwan New Member

    Go to your home screen, click your applications button, click your menu button, click edit, now you can drag and drop icons into the shortcut area! That should do it.
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  4. OldElvis

    OldElvis New Member

    Thanks, drove me nuts trying to figure this out.
  5. rogand

    rogand Member

    This happened to me when I powered up today. Seems a strange coincidence. And I've been getting a ton of network/messaging error messages since. Anyone else?
  6. kimberella84

    kimberella84 New Member

    So I clicked on the application icon on the primary shortcut but then I couldn't find a menu button anywhere....where the heck is it at?
  7. dave4g4e

    dave4g4e New Member

    the menu button is the physical menu button on your actual phone, its the furthermost left button. when you press your power button to light up your phone it should be lit up looking like an open faced box with two horizontal lines in it
  8. Tedd777

    Tedd777 New Member

    I had a similar Issue. I believe I was changing the display in the Application screen and my PRIMARY SHORTCUTS (Home, Application, Contacts, & Messaging) were changed. The only one that is displaying when I am on the Home Screen is the APPLICATIONS primary shortcut , and the only one that displays on the Application Screen is the HOME primary shortcut. I would prefer to not do a system restore is possible. If I try to drag and drop in the primary shortcut area the shortcut won't stay there.
  9. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    Open app drawer, hit menu, edit, drag and drop your icons to the dock area.
  10. shlbel

    shlbel New Member

    OMG!! Thank you so much. I woke up this morning and three of my primary shortcuts were gone :confused: I looked through the Epic4g manual for over an hour and found nothing then remembered this forum. Thanks again!
  11. kdmcc500

    kdmcc500 New Member

    I just got my Galaxy S3 yesterday and after performing a software update to 4.0.4 my primary shortcuts all disappeared!

    I have tried what Zeinzu suggested but when I select the icon I want to place in the primary shortcuts area using this method I don't get a 'dock' area, I get a sub menu? It appears in the bottom of the screen and has 4 options: 'Create Folder', 'Create page', 'App info' & a 'x' I cant drag the icon into this area without activating onre of these options??
    When I try to 'direct drag' an app down from a home screen to the dock area the trash can comes up? Most frustrating! What am I doing wrong? :confused:

  12. SageAdvice

    SageAdvice New Member

    In my case the Primary Shrortcuts were only possible, and could only be edited with the Home Screen Mode set to Easy. Setting the Home Screen Mode to Basic gave me only the Apps icon in the Primary Shortcut area, and any attempts to add any other app resulted in the app's icon bouncing back into the main home screen area. That is, I could not add or alter any primary shortcuts.
    Which is ironic as the "basic" mode is described as "provides conventional layout for the apps and widgets on your home screens."

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