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  1. Can I print from my samsung s2 phone and samsung tab 2 tablet to a canon printer that is not wireless. I do have a wireless modem

  2. girolez

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    Assuming you have the printer plugged into a pc which has a wireless connection and you can share the printer to your network, you should be able to print to it using printhand - a paid app on playstore. There is a free version so you can check it works before buying.

    Hope this helps

  3. flogal

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    I have a samsung galaxy tablet 3 and a canon pixma wireless printer want to print not sure how to .
  4. SolApathy

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    Since you are a member of android forums I would suggest that you visit the samsung forums for detailed information, but for quick reference you can setup google cloud print and this will allow you to print from your android phone. Simply go into settings >cloud print and follow the directions and you will be setup in no time!
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