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  1. DaveY62100

    DaveY62100 Member

    Printing limitations.

    I can print photos using the HP iPrint App, but is there an easy way to print emails and text messages?

  2. Eboue's Left Leg

    Eboue's Left Leg New Member

    First ever post. Wooo!

    Printing from your Android phone is still a fair way away from perfection. I found an app that let's you do it but you have to buy "credits" and the app itself is a little pricey:

  3. dervturbo

    dervturbo Member

    I'm not sure why iPrint cant print simple documents, (I say that lightly because I really have no idea.. I am not suggesting I could make it do it ;) ) but it seems that if it can send a photo to it a text/pdf should be straightforward. I would love to be able to print to my HP IP networked printer (non wireless). A simple generic driver from the manufacturers would suffice, No need for duplex/quality etc.. just the ability to print a web/page pdf etc.
  4. cirus

    cirus New Member

    tried cortado, forced close or couldnt retrieve data. uninstalled sharpish. any other ideas.

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