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Printing from Samsung Galaxy S3?General

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  1. in2bashun

    in2bashun Member

    Is there an app for my Samsung Galaxy S3 that will allow me to print directly from my phone to my Epson Artisan 730 Printer?

  2. Ramer84015

    Ramer84015 Well-Known Member

    There may be two options for you.

    Google Cloud Print

    Epson iPrint from the Play Store
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  3. TalkieToaster

    TalkieToaster Active Member

    For those wondering about HP printers, I found this. I have not tried it myself, though I probably will soon.
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, a very good printer app for HP wireless and HP ePrint printers ... only, since version 2, I miss the option to print "page x to page y from total pages" ... so I hold on version 1.3 until the app is going to get a proper update :)

    BTW, for the Epson printer the app PrinterShare Mobile Print might be worth a try.

  5. pdl2mtl90

    pdl2mtl90 Well-Known Member

    I use Printhand with great success!
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