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  1. cactuscharlie

    cactuscharlie New Member

    Probably old hat to most A 500 users, but is there an app to allow me to print through a WiFi link to an HP printer?

  2. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

  3. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    As said above, If your HP printer is Internet ready, you can use the HP ePrint application. Free. Works very well.
  4. dak2

    dak2 Active Member

    Your HP printer does not have to be internet ready. I have my C5180 ethernet connected to my wireless router and I am able to print to it from my A500,RAZR MAXX,NEXUS7,and Daughters REZOUND using the HP eprint app.

  5. JoeG1484

    JoeG1484 New Member

    I just downloaded the HP ePrint Home app for android and I don't see how to connect to a local LAN printer (HP Officejet Pro L7680).

    Can you elaborate on how you connected it?

  6. dak2

    dak2 Active Member

    Open up HP eprint (does not need to be registered)
    Click on Settings
    Click on Manage ePrinters (it should find it) if not no big deal)
    Back out to main screen
    Click on Documents , Select files, locate document you want to print, click on document
    At the bottom of the page it should show your Printer, the down arrow button allows you to change some printer settings.
    At the very bottom of the screen (where it shows document and printer)
    is a white bar that says print in it, tap that bar and it should print.:)

  7. JoeG1484

    JoeG1484 New Member

    Thanks, Don!

    That worked great for my documents, however, is there a way to print from any application like email or web browser?

    Currently when I try is says it is only going to try the Samsung printer. Is there a way to set the hp printer
    as default?

    Thanks again!

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