Private Photos in your gallery?

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  1. MalcolmV8

    MalcolmV8 Member

    I have some pics of my g/f I'd rather others didn't see when looking at pics on my phone. Is there away to password protect some albums in your gallery?

    I looked in the market and there were a few apps such as Vaulty, Hide it Pro etc. I noticed they are their own picture viewers and no offense to anyone but they suck. Can't zoom in pics and move em around like in the default gallery supplied with Android. Also they are entire new applications that try and be stealthy and look like some other app for more security etc. I'm really not bothered with all that.

    I just want to put a password on certain albums in the stock Android Gallery. Is there away or app to make that happen?

    Thanks guys
    EVO 4G if it makes any difference.

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The crux is showing the pics in a decrypted folder with the stock gallery :)

    You could try:
    FilesCrypter - Android
    AnDisk Encryption - Android

    Apps are in market.
    But I'm not sure that it will work in the way you wish.

    EDIT: Note that after every change at folders/pics the stock media player must have an index update.
    You should running SDrescan (in market) after a change.

  3. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    I have a few pics like that. I keep them in a different folder, where I also store an empty file named ".nomedia" (observe the leading dot) which causes all media apps to ignore media files (images, video, and audio) in that folder. Then I use a file manager to navigate to that folder and explicitly show those images.
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  4. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    To get back on subject, I looked around a bit and came across this's new so there aren't many reviews on it.

    FotoSafer - Android app on AppBrain

    There's a light version that is good for up to 20 pics:

    Okay...picked up another one:

    If you decide on one, please let us know how it works for you. I've been curious about this for a while.
  5. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    There's no reason for "the message" to be in this thread anyway. Keep it on-topic.

    I use the method mentioned by KlaymenDK although I didn't know about the "nomedia" name. Going now to change my folder name :D
  6. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    If you only want to hide pics so they are not to see in the gallery, there is still another way:
    Choose a name for the FOLDER and put a dot before the name of the FOLDER.
    This folder doesn't appear in the gallery :)
    Same effect like '.nomedia'.

    EDIT: Same to note as I wrote above:
    Note that after every change at folders/pics the stock media player must have an index update.
    You should running SDrescan (in market) after a change.

  7. MalcolmV8

    MalcolmV8 Member

    Thanks for all the links guys. However the apps listed above are pretty much what I was finding and I don't want a whole nother viewing application etc. I'm not concerned with encryption and secret hiding and so forth. I just want some albums to be pass protected to prevent casual browsing by buddies when showing them some car pics or what ever.

    So for now I just created a subfolder and moved the more private pics into there and created a .nomedia inside the folder. Ran SDrescan and it seems to work. Not quite as clean a solution I was wanting but works for now. Thanks guys.
  8. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

  9. thepervster

    thepervster Active Member

    Yes i agree photovault in the app store is what i use. no one can view anything in there pics or video's unless they have the password.;)
  10. BabyBlueJeff

    BabyBlueJeff Member

    I purchased the pro version of Vaulty and I'm very satisfied. It's password protected and the name says "Stocks" and the icon even looks like stocks. If you open the program up, there will be a textbox where you enter the password. Only if you enter the password correctly will you be able to see the pictures. If you type it wrong, it'll search Google Finance for the "stock" you were looking for.

    Great app, but the cons about it is you can't zoom and scrolling is a little slow. Other than that, I highly recommend it. I don't regret getting that app.
  11. MalcolmV8

    MalcolmV8 Member

    Thanks for info. Lack of zoom is a deal breaker for me. Slow doesn't help either :)
  12. wigfield

    wigfield Well-Known Member

    Anyone no why i cant hide a folder on the SD card so it will only show up in the gallery when i tick show hidden? Ive put a full stop before the file name. When i tick show hidden it does show up in My Files but it doesn't show up in the gallery.

    Edit: seems i can hide folders that is on the phone memory but not on the sd card is there something wrong?

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