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PRL 2026 now available at *228Tips

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  1. reilus

    reilus Well-Known Member

    Just wait for the Spanish to stop and the English to start and press 5. Wait and let your phone reboot. I did it on an esteem and an HTC Wildfire S. This has been cross-posted; sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Hehe. My friend did well xD just like i said on another thread. My friends gon a convince metro for 3026 or 2026 lol. Typo?¿
  3. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Well-Known Member

    I got this OTA from MetroPCS today. Still no 3G in the mid Michigan area. :(
  4. carljchapman

    carljchapman New Member

    I am in East Orange, NJ (2 miles from Newark) . Just did *228 and got the updated roaming list. When the phone reset, I now have a 3G icon on my notification bar! :)

    I checked and the PRL I have is 2026
  5. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Wait what is the difference between 3026 and 2026???? Wouldn't 3026 be newer????
  6. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    2026? Someone post a screen shot of this mysterious 2026 if you could.
  7. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    How bout they extract the 2026 prl and upload for everyone ;-)
  8. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    ^That too ahaha
  9. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    I just did it and have 3026. Then again that's what I already had. No change in 3G service. I still have none.
  10. meat0255

    meat0255 Active Member

    I don't know bout y'all but I'm just outside Detroit and my version perl is 2034!
  11. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    2034? Screenshot please.
  12. douglasr007

    douglasr007 Well-Known Member

    I hope the op means 3026
  13. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    He does mean 3026. 2026 doesnt exist for the OM. if there is a 2026, Then why not screenshot ;)
  14. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Well-Known Member

    +1 On that...

    If i stated i had something that others didn't have and the AF community ask for some additional info. I would do every thing i could to help the community with a screen shot to better understand my claim..

    There is most likely not a so called 2026..

    It may be an update script error..It probably a 3026 with a 2026 identifier.
  15. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Well-Known Member

    Oh and little of topic but, I saw a Sasquatch "Bigfoot" urinating at a urinal toilet at a rest stop on the interstate. :D

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