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Pro Baseball Live: aussie review of a american game :)

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  1. skippy1331

    skippy1331 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Pro Baseball Live. Man one of the most addicting games... can move both pitchers and batters. Is quite amazing the detail for such a small screen (nexus one) runs really well. Would be good if you could buy the game. Currently not on market but a definite buyer here :). The special characters allow you to easily get home bases. HINT: if you got all bases full and then your special character is up you will no doubly get 4 homeruns. Very addicting for myself being and Aussie.
    Trial is great allowed to do every event just up to 5 rounds. But it truly allows you to get the know of the game. Love it :)
    5 stars


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