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  1. alphy2138

    alphy2138 New Member

    I had rooted my LG Optimus p690 phone and it worked successfully. In order to save some space i removed the default android keyboard and default launcher and i was using ADW laucher. Now the problem is for some reason the phone is unable to detect the SD card so not able to access home screen . I want to know how i can go about it , i am unable to access any of the apps and even settings. If i could access settings i would restore to factory settings but not able to access that too... I don't mind losing the content of the SD card..

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    First off do not ever delete system settings like that i understand your ideas
    really your in a pickle now though. you need to flash the stock image, settings
    you can not see in the pitch black i suggest that SBF file for your phone if
    you have one. Look for your guides and mods in the forums or pps
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  3. alphy2138

    alphy2138 New Member

    I did search for SBF of my phone and did not find any.. It would be nice if u can give some links to these guides..
  4. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Try hard reset. Switch off phone. Press Volume up + home button + power. Then you'll see LG logo, but don't release buttons. When you see Android logo anda White box, release buttons and Phone will perform hard reset.
  5. guitarist2

    guitarist2 New Member

    would a hard reset work if he deleted the default launcher ? i am asking because i also deleted my launcher accidentally after rooting the phone, though thankfully i was able to get to the play store and get a new launcher, but i live in fear that i may someday reset my settings forgetting that i don't have the default launcher and i will not be able to use any app anymore

    i guess my question is would a hard reset restore the stock launcher ? (i also tried reinstalling it as i had backed it up with Titanium but it doesn't seem to work)
  6. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    Hard resetting won't get the stock launcher back but what you can do is use titanium backup to convert your favourite launcher to a system app . That way it will be there even if you hard reset.

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