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Problem: Buying Apps from Marketplace with Galaxy S

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  1. animeman59

    animeman59 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 15, 2010
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    Hello All,

    I'm brand new to this whole Android scene. I've bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S from SKTelecom, which is in South Korea. I'm American, btw. I have a couple of questions, and a problem, about the Android app store.

    Whenever I go to the Android Marketplace, I only see free apps listed. I want to be able to buy some games and other apps that I know I have to pay for, but I don't see them listed here.

    I've been trying to search around the forums for a first-time user's guide on the Android OS, which I was hoping might have some clarification about buying apps from the store. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything regarding this issue, or about buying apps in general.

    Digging around a little, I found some posts saying that Google has to register your phone in order for you to start buying apps from the store. Is that true? If so, how do I go about getting my phone registered? I already have a gmail account which I already synced with the phone. Also, I heard that you can buy apps from certain websites and that you can download the .apk (?) file to the root of your phone, and that would work. Is that also true? If so, what reputable websites are there that allows me to do this?

    Some clarification about this issue would help me greatly, and I'll appreciate anybody who's willing to help. Links to other guides or posts on the forums, which I might have missed, would be appreciated too.

    Thanks for the help. Btw, the Galaxy S is an awesome phone. ;)


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