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Problem Charging LG optimus USupport

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  1. DanaBlare

    DanaBlare New Member

    I have a Lg Optimus U, its android. When I plug the charger in the phone, it charges for a couple seconds and stops charging. Its not the battery or charger. Maybe something with the hardware? Has anyone else had this problem??

  2. jjbova

    jjbova Member

    Have you tried "wiggling" the charger while it's plugged in after it quits.sounds like a loose connection. With Micro USB, the part that makes the electrical contact inside the phone is like a small "blade" and can get bent or even broken semi easily..... if that happens it might not make good contact. So when you first plug it in, it makes that connection, but when you set it down, it looses that connection, and it takes the phone a few seconds before it displays that it lost that power source.
  3. learn n stuff

    learn n stuff New Member

    I would recommend taking it to a store with a tech. They can fix it free if it's still under warranty.
  4. jack kallis

    jack kallis New Member

    Yes you are right it is the hardware problem,i thing the phones IC is burned you need to change it.

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