Problem connecting to internet with static IP

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  1. paulfindley

    paulfindley New Member

    Hi All,
    I have a problem with connecting to the internet. I have a new tablet PC (Archos 101) which runs Android 2.2.1

    I have a home network with 8 static IP addresses. I have set up the WEP key and connected to the wireless router. This says it is connected on the tablet. I have also set up in the advanced settings the static IP details, including the gateway and subnet mask.

    The problem I have is that even though it connects to the wireless router, when I go to the tablet browser, I can not get onto the web.

    I have 2 other laptops and 2 iPod Touch's connected wirelessly and with no problems.

    Can anyone help as I've struggled to find a solution.

    Many thanks for your time.

  2. RossTiger

    RossTiger Active Member

    I have had similar problems at work where my MAC address is bound to an IP. However it seems to come and go, i won't be able to get on the internet one day (or only few a precious few seconds), then the next it works great.
  3. paulfindley

    paulfindley New Member

    Thanks for that. That is strange behaviour.

    My router has not been configured to restict devices by MAC address. Any other device connects and gets onto the internet no problem. The iPod Touch works straight off. I wonder if there is something about one of the network layers in the Android operating system that means it is a bit 'flaky' when connecting on a static IP?
  4. RossTiger

    RossTiger Active Member

    Possibly, or it's the Archos custom ROM that is making it flakey, who knows :/ don't think I've had a problem on my android phone, so maybe it's because were on Froyo.
  5. royboyg

    royboyg New Member

    Hi there did you get onto the internet with your tablet ?
  6. RossTiger

    RossTiger Active Member

    There does seem to be some kind of fault as I still have problems connecting sometimes, or more specifically, I can connect but there is no data being transferred so nothing loads.

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