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  1. JeroenZ

    JeroenZ New Member

    Hello all,
    I just got a Samsung Galaxy Y. I have all my contacts on the SIM card, and I want to import them. When I choose contacts->menu->import/export->import from sim, it comes with the option to save to phone or to gmail. Whatever I select here doesn't matter. After this, a screen occurs with at the top 'Importing from sim', but it finds no contacts to import!
    So for some reason, the phone doesn't seem to be able to read the contacts from the sim card. I googled quite a while and found other people with similar issues on various android phones, but no working solution.
    I tried setting the phone to factory defaults: No change.
    I install an app 'sim contact manager' or something like that: It also finds no contacts.
    When I put the sim card in my old phone, it really sees the contact on the sim card, so they must be there. Of course, I can write down all names and phone numbers (no export possibilities on my old phone) and re-enter them in the new phone, but I guess the import function should work...
    Are there any suggestions that I could try?
    Thanks a bunch!

  2. JeroenZ

    JeroenZ New Member

    Thanks MPW for your reply. Yes, the SGY does use Kies. When I watch the contacts through Kies, they are not shown either. I can enter new contacts in Kies and they nicely show up on the SGY. It really seems to come down to that the SGY isn't able to read the contacts from the sim card. It keeps telling me 'no contacts' during the import procedure. What I understand from others, is that I should get a list of all the found contacts, so I can select which one it should import.

    The SIM card came from a very simple and cheap +/- one-year-old Samsung dumb-phone. Don't have the exact type at hand...
  3. GShum

    GShum Member

    Have you tried exporting the Contacts on your SGY?
    If the .vcf file contains your contacts, you can delete them from sim and import&save them to SGY.
    If the .vcf file contains still no contacts, there is something wrong (don't know what). Perhaps a workaround (like exporting the contacts-on-sim on another phone) is the solution.
  4. JeroenZ

    JeroenZ New Member

    Hi GShum,
    Thanks for your reaction. Since I was unable to import the contacts from the sim, exporting contacts doesn't make sense because the SGY did not have any contacts. I ended up manually entering the contacts from the old phone to the new SGY. A nice opportunity to clean up the non-relevant contacts anyway :)

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