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  1. laserzt

    laserzt New Member

    I do not have an SD card in the slot, but my phone says it has an inner SD card with 6GB, almost all of it free. I'm using a 32-bit windows XP.
    I connect the USB cable, click the notification on the phone (It's in hebrew - it says "choose to copy files from the computer or to it"), and then I get two drives on my computer, one like a CD drive without a CD, and one good one - that has the phone's files.
    When I start copying a file to it, it copies a few KBs, and then the phone notification says: "preparing the inner SD card", and disconnects.
    Then the notification of connecting to the computer appears again.


  2. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    There could be many reasons for this:
    - drivers (driver version)
    - mount - doesn't mount correctly (when you connect your phone you should have mount option appear on the display)
    - and also USB ports - you should use back USB ports and not the front (I know that it sounds weird)

    p.s: take a look in the device manager if you have USB (data) storage installed (it shows only when your device is connected)
    p.s2: re-install the drivers (delete them) and let them install again

    EDIT: also you can only copy/paste files on 6GB partition of inner SD card, other is reserved for system data and apps
  3. laserzt

    laserzt New Member

    thank you :)
    I used the back USB ports and it worked

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