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Problem downloading apps

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  1. phatmatt666

    phatmatt666 New Member

    Hi all, received my HTC desire this morning and am having problems downloading apps from the android market. I have a google account set up and am trying to download a couple of free apps and google maps update through the wi-fi connection via my home wireless router. For the past 30 or so minutes it has been showing "starting download" for the 3 apps but has done no more than this. Surely with a 1mbps connection it shouldnt take this long. I have followed the instructuions in the manual- no joy. Am i doing something wrong ?
    Many thanks:(:)

  2. FabioSanchez

    FabioSanchez New Member

    Go to settings>applications>manage applications>play store>clear cache/clear data. That should solve your problem

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