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problem downloading video to PC by USBSupport

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  1. tommass

    tommass New Member

    Hi all,
    My PC (Vista) doesn't recognize my LG Shine as a mass storage device, even though I've checked Mass Storage under Connections. Keeps asking me to insert a disc in Drive G. I was able to do download some pics a couple of weeks ago but now it won't work for some reason...
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    Cheers, :rolleyes:

  2. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    1. The USB's on my PC can be finicky. Sometimes need to reboot computer for them to work properly.

    2. When you connect the phone to the USB, you still need to touch the notification to mount the SD card for your computer to see the phone storage.

    3. The manual has some explicit warnings about making sure you "safely remove" from the PC before turning off the SD card to avoid corrupting it. Have you corrupted your SD card?

    4. Finally, you could try and load the PC Sync software and use it to sync your phone, including photos, videos etc. It took me several tries to set up the PC Sync and I'm not too impressed by the software. (Is it possible to sync the google calendar/contacts from phone to the PC?).
  3. Jshortie

    Jshortie New Member

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