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problem: GPS with waze

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  1. pazitp

    pazitp New Member

    I am new to tasker. I want my GPS to be on only when waze (navigation app) is on. I have a profile for that and it works fine. But if I get a call or leave waze for any reason, the GPS turns off and doesn't come back on again. I want the GPS to be on all the time when waze is on, even when waze is not in focus. Is it possible?

    Some details: I have a Samsung galaxy note, with a German stock ICS rom. The profile is defined using secure settings+helper.


  2. pazitp

    pazitp New Member

    I thought of a temporary solution: as an exit task, I told it to wait 5 minutes before turning the GPS off. It works, but I'm wondering if there is a smarter way of doing this.

    Another question:
    I have wifi switched on only when I'm close to certain cellular towers (e.g. at home). But I also have wifi on when I use waze (it helps locating faster). The problem is, sometimes these profiles conflict. If I return home using waze, I switch waze off and then wifi is switched off, the wifi doesn't switch on because I'm close to my home cellular towers. I guess it's because I came close to these cellular towers before waze was switched off and tasker doesn't re-check? Is there a way to resolve this conflict?
  3. chi_ra

    chi_ra New Member

    I found a solution in the tasker google groups.

    If you do not have an exit task already for waze creating one will solve your issue.
    First create a variable %Waze and follow the steps below for creating the exit task.

    1. Run Shell command (this will read notifications to see if waze is still active)
    tmp=$(dumpsys notification); case $tmp in **waze**) VAR="true" ;; *) VAR="false" ;; esac; echo $VAR
    StoreResultIn -> %Waze
    2. If %Waze ~ false
    3. Disable GPS
    4. End If
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    GPS isn't using power unless it's flashing in the status bar though. Not quite sure on the reason for turning GPS off in the first place.

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