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Problem in Android 2.3 : Uable to connect to pcGeneral

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Fit

    After I flashed Android 2.3 , I'm unable to connect phone to PC.

    I enabled USB debuggine mode.

    In notification panel , i got msg "USB connected:Select here to copy files ..."

    but when i select that screen goes blank for few milliseconds then back to

    home screen..

    I verified its not problem with PC.. Since i was able to connect to PC easily before on Ubuntu

    I checked if any setting preventing phone to go into USB mode, but found none.

    I disabled USB debugging and checked also..

    Is it the problem with 2.3??

  2. JetsetFunky

    JetsetFunky New Member

    same with me on Ubuntu LTS 10.04, but no problem connecting to windows 7.
  3. smarty.rockz

    smarty.rockz New Member

    I finded a solution for this problem.

    Here's the solution:

    First go to Market and download GoSwitch then follow the images:-

    SC20111205-203812 (1).jpg

    SC20111205-203812 (2).jpg

    SC20111205-203812 (3).jpg

    SC20111205-203812 (4).jpg

    SC20111205-203812 (5).jpg

    SC20111205-203812 (6).jpg

    SC20111205-203812 (7).jpg


    After trying this please just tell me whether it worked or not.

    I tried this on my galaxy fit and it worked.
  4. mapei13

    mapei13 New Member

    If youre using ubuntu its a open os right!! try to go to device information like in windows devicemanager. There are some application that you need to install before you can saw your device on a pc. Try touse cobra driver pack and install the device missing.. You should be connected to the internet to instal the device because the cobra driver pack is 2010 application while the android cellphone is a 2011 model. It just like its a program for helping you to determine what you need to install that its free...

    Celo ^_^
  5. maheshkumar

    maheshkumar New Member

    did u reset the cache and the previous ap settings after u upgraded to 2.3?.......it shd be cleared by entring ur phone to debugging mode at the start up..den only u can ,otherwise it wont work//:).....all the best
  6. kissing

    kissing Member

  7. sudharsan1

    sudharsan1 New Member

    NO it doesnt work i hav tried :(
  8. sudharsan1

    sudharsan1 New Member

    NO it doesnt work i hav tried

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