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problem in android phoneSupport

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  1. rider_3821

    rider_3821 New Member

    i have buy a new android phone( samsung GT-15503 )..... i had found few problem that i cant do in android phone....
    1. cant Add contact in the msg text from contact list.
    2. cant delete the history or unable the history.
    3. cant delete all contact in once.
    4. mms picture we receive in msg cant save as in image in image folder.
    5. create a diff type of msg folder to save important msg we received.

    can anyone help me how to solve this problem in android phone....
    pls help me solve this problem as fast as possible.....
    weather it can be fix by setting or by application.....

  2. Long press the number.

    What history? call history? Internet history? search history?

    menu-settings-applications-manage-People app, clear data. Or do a factory reset.

    Long press the image.
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  3. rider_3821

    rider_3821 New Member

    10q for the help.....
    for 2nd problem... i wanna delete only the call history or i wan unable all history..
    how to do that....
  4. sneeze_1993

    sneeze_1993 New Member

    I add a contact but it does not show up in my contacts but when that person calls me it shows up with there name how do I make it that way its in my contacts? I have tried everything..
  5. sneeze_1993

    sneeze_1993 New Member

  6. steo666

    steo666 New Member

    i had the same problem when i first got mine, open your contacts list, then go to display options, and tick Phone, Sim, and google,then press Done and you should get all your contacts.
    hope this helps
  7. jasminangud

    jasminangud New Member

    how can i setting up my GT-15503 i cant connect my phone thru android market,g-mail etc

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