Problem in using Slick usb 2 serial librarySupport

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  1. deepthir

    deepthir New Member

    I am using slick usb 2 serial apk to connect serial adapters to android device.The app should work with any android device having usb host capability and running Android 3.1. I have tested this with Motorola XOOM and it works perfect. Unfortunately, the serial adapter is not even getting detected by the app when plugged in to Micromax funbook. If anyone has used this app in funbook please let me know whether it requires installation of device specific drivers.

    Funbook Kernel version: 3.08+ inet-soft@inet # 16
    Build no: 97F1-D1-H2-H01-MMX.20120330

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. Rathinavel

    Rathinavel New Member

    I could make the USB to Serial working for Micromax funbook


    1) Insert the linux driver module for the Usb2Serial device
    For my case it was Prolific device; the driver for this device is PL2303.ko.

    Sorry, since I am the new user for this forum, I could not attach the driver module here. but you can get the module here "".
    ->Download FunBook version 3 from this site;
    ->Unzip the folder;
    ->pl2303.ko can be find in ..\FunSeriesv3.0\system\vendor\modules.

    command for inserting the module in linux
    insmod \sdcard\pl2303.ko

    2) Run the SerialPort_1.1.apk
    This app can be taken from " "

    3) configure the device for ttyusb0 and use it
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  3. veejaykarthik

    veejaykarthik New Member

    Thanks Rathinavel for the post!

    Can you provide with some links
    on how to use the serial port ttyusb0 from the android app.

  4. deepthir

    deepthir New Member

    Thanks a ton Rathinavel. Your solution worked for Prolific device. We have to support FTDI device as well, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the driver for FTDI in the link that you have shared. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,
  5. jazzzzzzz

    jazzzzzzz Member

    Without any drivers ftdi based arduino is working forme in stock rom in funbook.....u have to add usb host api support for funbook for getting apps to work with usb devices and i have add some files from google nexus one and my ftdi based arduino and ftdi to serial cables are working well with my tab.....:):)

    Now my microcontroller based project can be debugged easily with my need of PC
  6. jigneshpatel

    jigneshpatel New Member

    Hi jazzzzzzz,

    Can you explain us how to add usb "host api support in funbook" ? I mean which files and how to get from google nexus one and add ?

    Thanks in advance ..
    waiting for your replay.....
  7. jazzzzzzz

    jazzzzzzz Member

    Ok first of all u install usb diagnostics app and connect a pendrive when they ask and reply the details below.....for me the app shows 'yes' for all....if your results says anything as 'no' then report me

    I will start a guide thread here for adding usb host api after seeing the results

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