Problem installing Adobe Flash Player

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  1. yeuwen

    yeuwen New Member

    Hi all,

    I am able to click "install" on com.adobe.flashplayer-1.apk file on my ASTRO File Manager on my U8150 device. However, I got an error message "Application not installed".

    Anyone can tell me what am I missing?



  2. thebigevil

    thebigevil New Member

    Its easy just plug in your USB device with your android phone in your PC and dont do anything then run .apk flash file from your phone. make sure to download .apk file from a good site then run that file in your phone through ASTRO file manager and your done. ENJOY!:)
  3. yeuwen

    yeuwen New Member

    I think you are telling me to do just what I have done as described above. In ASTRO Manager, when I click on the .apk file, it shows me an option to Open App Manager. I then click on it, now an install button is available. I next click "Install". Now it asks me "Do you want to install this application?" I click "Install" again. Now, installing progress bar shows up. After a while, a message saying "Application not installed" pops up.

    Anything else I can do?
  4. neonam

    neonam Member

    I think the problem is that currently Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is only for Android phones with ARM7 processors. U8150 has ARM6.

    Same applies to Frennec (Mozilla Firefox for Android). The stable version is for ARM7. They are working on one for ARM6. I tried the beta today. It crashes before fully loading.
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  5. DC959

    DC959 New Member

    i have managed to install it before using one of my own custom roms that i made but the only problem was the internet browser would crash when i tryed viewing a site it could be the arm version on the device but it could also be quite cpu heavy and the reson for it not being on our phones market is its not working so just wait a while and adobe will release a new update otherwise find a custom browser that has the ability to play or convert flash videos
  6. yeuwen

    yeuwen New Member

    Thanks. Do you know if Android 2.3 works on U8150 too?
  7. snicha666

    snicha666 New Member

    yes i pu olso 2.3.5 direkt from huawei seit

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