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Problem Installing app2sd

  1. frosthax

    frosthax Member


    I have an X8 and have it rooted, installed xrecovery and I have partitioned my sdcard.

    But for the life of me I cannot installed app2sd :(

    I'm using the tutorial here but when I use the command line to type adb shell or su I get " adb is not recognized internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

    I've cd'ed to the right directory (Superoneclick folder) and I still cannot get it to work.

    Any help appreciated here guys, really looking forward to getting this done


  2. frosthax

    frosthax Member

    I've installed Link2sd which was much easier.

    I would still like app2sd though
  3. blekmun

    blekmun Member

    you can use app2sd at here http://www.darktremor.info/files/a2sd/dtapps2sd-
    Please placed it app2sd zip on your sdcard and reboot your phone,going to xRecovery choose "custom zip(app2sd file)" and reboot again.
    Next,open it terminal emulator and type "a2sd check" you will see more options.
    Do it :
    $ su
    # a2sd reinstall
    # a2sd cachesd

    And you're Done !
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  4. Pygathrix

    Pygathrix Member

    Thank you! I was going prematurely bald with trying to find out how to make the phone (an HTC Desire) mount the ext partition and this worked just like you said :)

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