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  1. modzart

    modzart New Member

    Phone displays "Insert SD Card" when attempting to Install encrypted certificates from the location and security menu.

    The certs are on the root of the SD card as both .cer and .p12 files. This is the 16GB card that shipped with the phone and it is recognized by the the OS, all music/photos are available to other apps. All updates are installed, tried several battery pulls, a factory wipe, and a smaller 2GB card, no luck. I have inserted the same card into a Droid Incredible and a Samsung Moment, both see the certs on the card and prompt for password to install the certs from the .p12 files but the Epic 4G does not even acknowledge the presence of the card.

    Phone is hardware version D700.5 running a stock Gingerbread.EL30 ROM. Sprint offered to replace the phone without telling me why this function is not working but I have observed the same issue on a friend's Epic 4G as well so that does not seem like it will solve anything.

    Has anybody else encountered this or found a fix?

  2. modzart

    modzart New Member

    Confirmed that the issue is with the stock EL30 ROM. Flashed a custom image and the cert install from the SD card was painless.

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