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  1. esbrega

    esbrega Member

    1) I want to put a birthdate in a contact and the last year that is available to use is 1970??!! So if i have a friend that born in 1958, i cant put it in the dates??!!

    2) When I install a new Application, the software create a new icon in "Applications", how can i change the position of the icons?

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

  3. vickyin

    vickyin New Member

    To change the icon position in the applications menu, go to applications => menu => manage app => move the icon. :)
  4. ice326

    ice326 New Member

    i can't create new thread coz im new.. but this is also an LG P970 problem...
    messaging problem. i deleted all the sms/mms/email message the second pic shows that my inbox is empty. tried to restart it, removed the sim card even the memory card but still its the same. i need help. its annoying to see there's an unread message but there really isn't please help me fix this?

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