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  1. NoMore

    NoMore New Member

    hi to all ..
    sry for making this dumbb question . but am relly confused what it's happening into my phone ..
    So it's XPERIA x10i Android version 2.3.3 and i have buy a microsd card for it 4gb sandisk i have put it for first time on my phone and everything has going well . and next when i have connect my sdcard on pc via usb charger have keep some photos of my phone , and now it's not dettecting it anymore .. when i goo to CAMERa or Gallery it's showing this message "No Memory Card" .. i have try to reconect with usb charger and format the memory card via ms dos and normally one and again it's not detecting them :( .. anyone can tell me a sulution or anything that it's possible do get it back ...

    Thanks ..

    And sry if am in warong category or something it's going warong in my thread :)

  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    If you have a digital camera, put the SDCard in a digital camera and then format it from the digital camera.

    Or put the SDCard in the phone and then open Settings->Storage->Unmount the card and Erase or Format the card, and when it is done, Mount it again.
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  3. NoMore

    NoMore New Member

    thanks for ur reply :) but for digital cammera am not home now for about 1 month or more .. and im checking settings > storage and i not see any "Unmount" :( or any opsion :(
  4. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    What about another phone....or someone elses phone? See if you can stick in the SDCard and format it.

    If your phone doesn't see the SDCard, the card is probably just formatted wrong.....but it could be damaged.

    Does the SDCard have some sort of switch that locks it or makes it only readable?

    Or if you have a media reader, and can stick the card in your computer, use this SDCard formatter:
  5. blueskyfish

    blueskyfish New Member

    i have 2 sd cards, they both work fine on both my laptops, just the phone doesent see them, iv tried reformating with SDFormatter, and if i try to format the card in the phone it does nothing?
  6. th3ch4amp

    th3ch4amp New Member

    i also having this problem friendzz, please help me, give me any solution if you have :(
  7. th3ch4amp

    th3ch4amp New Member

    blueskyfish you got the solution?????

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