Problem parsing tumblr image.

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  1. Fansher

    Fansher New Member


    I want to make an app that shows images from a certain tumblr account.

    I run into a problem with getting the image from tumblr.

    I use JSON and the requested address is this:

    And the i try to retrive "photo-url-1280".

    When the app is launched nothing happens and it just shows and empty screen, it fails to set the image.

    The whole code can be seen at:

    I hope somebody can help me, im really getting stuck at this point.

  2. SmugMug

    SmugMug Active Member

    Given how huge Tumblr is, I'm sure you're not the first person to have tried this. I don't have any experience with what you're trying to do, but have you tried googling what other people have done to parse those images? Even if the solution you find is in another language, you may be able to feel yourself through the solution since programming languages are often very similar.
  3. Fansher

    Fansher New Member

    I thought the same thing, that it would be easy to google it.

    But i can only find people writing for php, and they are using an other way of doing it, than it is suppose to be fore android.

    So im still stuck - unfortunatly.

    But i have come a little further.

    In my question i say that im using this address because that is the way to do it for php, but for android it is suppose to be like this:

    And then i don't know how to do it, because as i understand it, it is an array indside an array, and that is a little to advcanced for me.

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