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  1. dmost11

    dmost11 New Member

    My wife and I both have LG Optimus M phones that we bought at the same time but only hers is having an issue viewing multimedia messages. Whenever she receives one, she gets a message that includes the message size, the expiration date and a button that says download. When she pushes the download button it says "downloading" but the message never appears. We have tried it with wi-fi both on and off. We have had people send the same message to both of us and it comes through just fine on mine without a download button showing up. I downloaded the LG mobile updater from LG's website and did that but it did not fix the problem. Other than that I have not changed any other settings or attempted to root the phone (I am reasonably tech savvy but wary of screwing up the phone). Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. kowatl

    kowatl Member

    I have the same issue, is because the pic is to big? mine says is 20k
  3. donmeca2020

    donmeca2020 Well-Known Member

    I also get the same problem.... not all the time, but it does happen quite frequently. i try and try to download the image or whatever sent to me, and i can never get it. is this a problem with the metro service or the phone??

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