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  1. ricekikr

    ricekikr New Member

    Hello everyone.

    Been having a problem with Xperia ray (gingerbread) and SMS. It keeps sending sms to multiple recipients

    How should I solve this? I tried looking for the SMS folder but couldn't find it.


    I sms XXX person. Conversation shows I'm sms'ing XXX. When XXX replies, conversation would now show that I've been sms'ing XXX and YYY. So when I reply, my reply gets sent to XXX and YYY.

    Weird thing is, when I send a new message to XXX, the conversation will get labeled as XXX, but when XXX replies, the conversation suddenly gets labeled XXX and YYY.

    Sms between me and YYY isn't affected. So far I've only noticed this with XXX.

    Things I tried:
    1. Deleted conversation of XXX and YYY
    2. Deleted all SMS using SMS backup and restore
    3. Renaming XXX contact
    4. Deleting XXX contact then creating a new XXX contact with the same phone number.
    5. Re-do everything above while rebooting phone in between.

    Here's what happened before all this:

    1. Backed up phone using SMS backup and restore
    2. Rooted phone
    3. Restored using SMS backup and restore
    4. SMS problem now appeared.

  2. ricekikr

    ricekikr New Member

    Factory data reset fixed this.

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