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Problem Syncing Note to iTunesSupport

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  1. jflader59

    jflader59 New Member

    I just got my Samsung Note about two weeks ago, and it is my first android phone. My previous phone was the iPhone 3Gs, and I really loved the convenience and ease of syncing my iTunes to my phone with ease.

    Over the last couple weeks I've had a hard time finding an app/program that really works well. I've tried TuneSync and Doubletwist, but both are extremely slow and don't offer the convenience of syncing my podcasts from my iTunes account.

    I've heard good things about Salling Media Sync, but i've had no success with it. From everything that i've seen you just allow the connect your phone to the computer by opening USB mass storage and it will connect your device to the program. I try connecting my phone, but nothing happens.

    Can someone PLEASE help me out with this?

  2. diaper84

    diaper84 Well-Known Member

    I use isyncr. Unlike others it lets me sync album arts. Which is a must for me.
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    doubletwist works really well for me and takes all of the media from iTunes.
  4. dragon2777

    dragon2777 Member

    I second doubletwist however there is an issue with the note.

    If you have an external sd card it shows as 2 devices and will sync to the phone and sd card. The quick fix i figured out was before you sync eject the internal card and you will only see one device and it works great. Emailed support and they said it is a known error and will be fixing it in the next update
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  5. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I didn't notice that when I did a wireless sync on my Note. I'll have to look through my phone a bit now.
  6. 05GT

    05GT Well-Known Member

    I recommend DoubleTwist and Airsync...
  7. dragon2777

    dragon2777 Member

    Im not sure if it does it with the wireless sync i only use the wired version
  8. jflader59

    jflader59 New Member

    I'll try isyncr. Doubletwist was a terrible experience, it took upwards of 2 hours and didn't even sync 10 gigs. Tunesync was a similar experience. I'm pretty surprised that there hasn't been a app/program that does a simple and quick iTunes sync, the android market is pretty open and there are more hackers today than there have ever been, and i'm using "hacker" pretty loosely.
  9. vice86

    vice86 Well-Known Member

    I used DoubleTwist at first but sometimes it would just sit there saying updating and do not connect...but wasn't doing anything. I tried iSyncr after that and now just use that. I'm just about done filling my 64GB MicroSD :( I wish we could swap the internal memory out!!!
  10. luv2race1320

    luv2race1320 Member

    I used easy phone tunes an it got all my music from itunes to my phone. but love the fact i'm able to stream my music online from my google account versus using up all that memory on my phone.
  11. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    U use iSyncr wi-fi. Does all my music to iTunes and photos and videos from phone to the pc.
  12. madliu

    madliu New Member

    I am a six-month Galaxy Note user. According my experience, i think the iTunes Agent app is faster than the TuneSync and Doubletwist. Here is how it works: (by the way, the iTunes Agent is a totally free application).

    1. Install and run this app on your PC.
    2. Plug your Galaxy Note to your computer via its USB cable.
    3. Move your cursor to the iTunes Agent icon located in the right-hand corner of your PC's screen, and right-click it, then click the Preferences option.
    4. Select a folder location for this app through clicking New -> Synchronize Pattern -> iTunes -> Music location on device. (by the way, if you want to sync the protected items using the iTunes Agent, you can check this tutorial to turn them to open file format).
    5. Click the "Associate with Playlist" drop-down menu. Click the playlist you wish to sync to the Android phone.
    6. Hit "Save" and the iTunes Agent will sync your selected itmes to Galaxy Note quickly.

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