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Problem to connect to a Wifi network (WPA/WPA2 PSK)Support

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  1. rockambole

    rockambole New Member

    hello all,

    i'm having some trouble to connect to a specific wifi network, when i set the password and tap connect the screen returns to the wifi settings and a message "unable to save the network" is shown.
    can anyone help me? i don't know if this is happening because of the long password (64 characters)
    it's the network from my work, so i don't have access to its configuration


  2. Danw1920

    Danw1920 Member

    I don't know if this is the same issue I'm having but when I try to connect to my router after inputting the password (WPA/WPA2 PSK). It keeps scanning but says disabled each time after it fails and shows as disconnected on the main on/off wifi checkbox.

  3. acebedo16

    acebedo16 New Member

    hi ive just already solve that issue just now hahahha....u can check the security password on your router check your router and you can see a label where the wpa2 security password is indicated....:D
  4. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    As it's a work wifi network, you may find that they have mac address filtering enabled.

    If this is the case then you would have to see admin and provide them with the mac address for your S3's wifi adapter for them to add it to their access list, however, I'm not entirely convinced they would oblige your request unless you have a very valid reason to be using your work network.

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