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Problem transferring music to NexusSupport

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  1. otter

    otter Well-Known Member

    I thought that by typing in the subject it would pull up an answer since this must have been discussed before, but I was wrong....
    cliffnotes: what's the best way to transfer a CD to my samsung galaxy nexus?

    Here is what I did. I ripped the music into windows media player. Then I thought I synced it to my nexus. Afterall the device appeared on the right as "galaxy nexus" and I dropped all 24 songs there. Then I pressed sync and it said sync was completed. I clicked on results and it said it was transferred to my nexus. I was happy and I tried locating the files in music player but couldn't find it. I disconnected the phone and rebooted and tried to find the songs...nope.

    So I decided to create a folder on my computer's desktop titled "My music second try to transfer". I then went to my music on my computer and found all 24 songs then copied them into this folder. Fine. I dropped that onto my Nexus then went to astro and found that those files were there...wonderful! I tried playing it and it said it doesn't support that type of format.

    I'm stumped

  2. redgst

    redgst New Member

    Had a similar issue when i tried using AirDroid.
    Here's how i finally got it to work.
    Installed the galaxy nexus drivers from Samsung site (just google samsung galaxy nexus usb drivers) Rebooted machine.
    USB cable from phone to PC. Windows 7 picked it up. dragged the music from my computer to the Music folder on the phone. Worked like a charm.
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  3. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

  4. otter

    otter Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I will take a look at it tonight. What I did it the second time And created my own folder I was able to transfer the files. However When I tried playing it it said the format was not supported.
  5. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Why can't there just be a nice smooth way to Sync playlists... Winamp was hit and miss, WMP not so good.
  6. Killyouridols

    Killyouridols Well-Known Member

    Be careful Windows Media Player didn't rip them as .wma files. Android, Natively, doesn't support it. I ripped 50 or so CD's as .MP3 in Media Player, Opened up my Nexus and dropped them into the 'Music' folder. All worked OK
  7. otter

    otter Well-Known Member

    AH HA! They ripped them as .wma (but I still have problems transferring other music so thanks for those tips). I'll have to figure out how to rip them as a different format
  8. otter

    otter Well-Known Member

    I just picked up an app that transfers from wma to mp3 and that seemed to work. Sure maybe I have a virus on my computer but at least I can listen to the songs now ;-)
  9. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Fwiw, there is a setting in windows media player to rip them as .mp3 files instead of .wma files.

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